Begin at the beginning

I read books.  I like reading books.  I like talking about them too.  That’s why I got into this whole business in the first place.

By business, of course, I mean academia.  It took me far too many years after I completed undergrad to return, but I did it.  And now it has taken me quite a few years to hit this stage, but it is the next one in the continual process of becoming an academic.  I now face the daunting task of preparing for comprehensive exams.  My plan was to read a book a day to prepare/review for that oh-so-critical proof of my mastery of my field.

And this is intended to be a blog that houses all of my preparation for those exams, including all those things I wander off to find that distract me from the main goal.  Websites about Japanese literature.  Information in English about Japanese authors.  Possibly, from time to time, things in Japanese as well.

Because the truth is I will not be able to read a book a day in preparation – I am a teaching assistant, I am taking classes, and I have translations to prepare.  I do, however, hope to read at least three books a week.

I make few promises about the quality of my analysis here.  At least, not yet.  This is a blog for me, and that is my primary focus.  That it may be useful for someone else would be pleasing, but is not necessarily expected.

So, here we go.


About kathrynpagel

Working on my PhD in Japanese literature, visual studies, and new media.
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